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It’s been six months and I’m not even halfway to my fundraising goal. I’m incredibly grateful for the donations I’ve received so far and it might get me through a few weeks but I need closer to $10K for my entire treatment plan. Please help me get the IV drugs, testing, and medication I need! If left untreated, Babesia is crippling and often fatal!

i reblogged this a couple of days ago and for some reason literally all my followers ignored it.

i know everyone hates being guilt tripped into reblogging something, but this isn’t some vague goalless campaign to raise awareness, it’s about a real person who needs treatment for a life-threatening illness.

so many people on my dash like to go on and on about how useless 99% of the disability/chronic illness “activism” on this site is, but here’s something concrete and legitimately helpful you could do! i would likely be dead by now if i hadn’t been lucky enough to get my own condition diagnosed and treated in time. that’s how serious this kind of stuff is.

could you all please at least signal boost this?

God bless you all! I’ve posted this dozens of times and have been lucky to get a few persistent reblogs from the same three people but this has seriously restored my faith in humanity (or at least Tumblr). Tick and mosquito-borne illness is no joke but the gov’t seems to think it is so not a penny of my treatment is covered by my insurance. After five years I finally have the attention of Social Security Disability. I have an assessment next month but my hopes aren’t high and I still have bills to pay. Like she said^^ Every penny and reblog goes to help a real disabled person that could die without treatment. The kindness of friends and family over the past few years has been nothing short of a miracle but my inner circle can only give so much. Lyme alone is a nasty illness that can, and has already, infect the brain causing everything from mild light sensitivity and migraines to full blown tremors, gastroparesis (paralysis of the digestive tract), muscle weakness, chronic fatigue and even memory loss and seizures(I’m at the point where I can’t even stand in the shower for fear of seizing) Babesia on the other hand is almost identical to Malaria and literally destroys my red blood cells causing dangerous anemia that no amount of supplemental iron can fix. Please help me reach my goal so I can get the treatment I need! It’s been six months, I don’t think i’ll last six more!

I was asked to reblog this and when I read through the story I could not ignore it. I’m shocked that it only has 74 notes. Let’s change that! Please help spread this around! 

C’mon people! Let’s see what we can do!

Almost a thousand notes! I’m so incredibly grateful! We’re just over a third of the way to my goal for my treatement plan. Let’s keep it going!

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A Sunny Disposition

Detail shots of an early-season sunflower and it’s pollinating friend.

Photos by Jake Barber

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Back-to-school season means fresh office supplies. 

Back-to-school season means fresh office supplies. 

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Alexandria, AtlantaSubmitted by: Lockandkeyheartbeat.tumblr.comPhotographed by: Funto. O

this is everything



Alexandria, Atlanta
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Photographed by: Funto. O

this is everything

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